The B-52s - "Anolagay" Downtown Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia in 1978 (???) (FM) FLAC


01.Planet Claire
02.Hero Worship
03.52 Girls
04.Devils In My Car
07.Strobe Light (incl. short a capella version of "Modine" !!! )
08.Rock Lobster (incl. short radio outro at the end)

Ok, I took that thing from the vinyl DoLP bootleg "Anola Gay"

Since that day I bought this bootleg (over 20 years ago),

it was a mistery about the source.

Now I saw some videos on youtube, which are slightly different,

but have the same strange atmosphere and nearly the same songs.

Maybe they played more than once at this club.

For example :

Also very strange is that short (fadeout) radio outro.

Im german, and its very difficult to understand what she says.

I hope that someone can bring more light on this.