B52s 1979-10-04 Minneapolis MASTER

The B-52'S
October 4, 1979
Minneapolis, Minnesota

2 Shure mics>Sony TC-D5 stereo recorder>Maxell UDXLII cassette>Yamaha-KX330 tape deck>Terratec-EWX soundcard>EAC-WAV>Audacity-FLAC

Taper: Minnesota Mike

This is straight from the mastertape. I have not done any EQing, filtering, editing, or any kind of tampering with the sound.

I don't put sound ratings on these uploads -- I'd prefer to have somebody independent (such as yourself) judge that. So, after you've downloaded and listened, post a comment on the sound quality.

Minnesota Mike made audience recordings of shows in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area between 1978 to 1985. He used a stereo Sony TC-D5 tape recorder and two Shure studio microphones, top-of-the-line equipment in those days. He recorded shows just for himself and never made copies. I met him years later and he allowed me to trade tape copies around 1993. Later when the technology became available, I traded some on CDR. So some of the copies that are out there are second generation or more, and some are digital copies of the master. I wasn't a very active trader and, in fact, some of Mike's tapes have never circulated. The digital copies I'm uploading now were made in 2006 with azimuth adjustments on the tapedeck and a Terratec EWX soundcard to the computer.

1. Planet Claire
2. 52 Girls
3. 6060842
4. The Devil's In My Car
5. Heroes
6. Lava
7. There's A Moon In The Sky Called The Moon
8. Running Around
9. Dance This Mess Around
10. Rock Lobster
11. Strobe Light
12. Private Idaho