ARTIST: B-52s VENUE: World Music Festival, Montego Bay CITY: Freeport Zone, Jamaica DATE: 1982-11-26 SET(S): Entire A-SBD SSSB Audio Rating: AR1a LINEAGE: SBD > Festival Master Cassette > D > D > SSSB > SHN > Flac level 6 encore missing; any/all editing, fades, NR, hiss elimination, phase shifting/"time smear" correction, jitter elimination, EQ were performed using 100% digital processing (24-bit/96 kHz) at Serafin Station Studio B DISC ONE Track 01: Party (02:22.510) initial 01:18 removed from my DAT master Track 02: Give Me Back My Man (05:58.805) Track 03: Planet Claire (04:02.523) Track 04: Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can (04:01.242) Track 05: Lava (04:11.949) Track 06: Messopotamia (04:02.535) Track 07: 6060842 (03:41.558) Track 08: 52 Girl (03:03.142) Track 09: Dance This Mess Around (04:24.218) Track 10: Rock Lobster (04:57.641) Credit: Originally seeded at by: John "Jay" Serafin, owner/audio engineer @ Serafin Station Studio B Notes from initial source: JAY'S PERSONAL COMMENTS: Aw hell, just get up and dance! This is what the B-52s are all about! The engineers who made this master were using multiple professional studio cassette decks running at twice the usual speed (7.5 i.p.s.), so the initial hiss was minimal to begin with. Just a very slight "tweak" with the editing software, and the result: the hiss is almost inaudible (-62 dB), and the music was not affected by the noise reduction. It's great to hear artists and groups who really like to have the "REAL" sound to their equipment. Between songs, you hear the typical Fender "buzz" coming from the amps, which disappears once the music starts. The energy level has in the ozone, the vocals were on the money (although I have to admit I HATE the "screech" during Rock Lobster... reminds me of Donna Jean on a REAL bad day! Dont flame me...), the mix is a little on the mono side, but nonetheless, it's great from start to finish. My master didn't have the final song on it at all, and the first song, "Party", was edited out, due to diginoise. I haven't been able to find another copy of this show as clean as the copy I has, and it would be unfair to try to "match" two different versions. And rather than cut the song altogether, I chose to leave the clean part intact, and work from there. If you love "Dance Music" in the strict sense, the B-52s knew how to do it right. Even on their "slower" songs, they had the ability to make people want to get out of their seats and onto the dance floor. If you're ever in a doldrum mood, give this show a listen to. I think it will snap you out of it. Most of the "smaller" acts had less stage time, with Peter Tosh, Weir, and the Dead having the bulk of the stage time. The Fest went on much longer than planned, ending up somewhere around 3 AM rather than the planned midnight end. But because the crowd was very cool overall, there wasn't any real hassles from the authorities about shutting the show down on time. It just went on and on. Pass this show around to others. Even though it's a single disc show, it's still a very nice non-Dead show that everyone should enjoy.