Post Christmas wormage
with the
Fred Schneider: lead vocals
Cindy Wilson: lead vocals
Kate Pierson: lead vocals, bass
Ricky Wilson: guitar
Keith Strickland: drums
E.M. Loew's Theater
Worcester, Mass. U.S.A.
December 27, 1984
touring "whammy"
performance quality: B+ (pretty good show)
recording quality: B (not quite as good as 1982, some crowd shuffling in 1st 2 songs,
the purple moon shined brighter than the blue moon in B-52's recording showdown.
But both turned in a good effort.
source: 1st generation audience tape
(a blue moon production. Because that's how often I get to hear his recordings...)
runtime: 67:11
1: planet Claire (cuts in slightly) 4:19
2: strobe light 4:05
3: give me back my man 6:14
4: Big Bird 4:49
5: Mesopotamia 4:32
6: 52 girls 3:35
7: queen of Las Vegas 4:54
8: whammy kiss 4:39
9: legal tender 4:06
10: dance this mess around 4:53
11: private Idaho 3:52
12: rock lobster 5:09
13: party out of bounds 6:06
14: there's a moon in the sky (called the moon) 5:52
a blue moon production 1984
Sony 310 cassette deck (auto-level, built in stereo mikes) >
Maxell XLII 90 min. master cassette > my cassette (same) >
soundforge 4.5 (WAV) > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
remastered for post by glasnostrd19 on April 4, 2008.
reseeded in 2011 with a flac > wav > flac (sb's aligned) reconversion to remove the sbe's,
band line up info, and track times.
You heard what a purple moon can to with B-52's and a Sony 310 cassette recorder.
(that was a few months ago before it fell off the tracker like this did)
The blue moon did pretty good too, but also had to deal with E.M. Loew''s, not quite
Orpheum sound, and a little louder crowd than 82 Boston show. It's still alot better
than I remember on first disc transfer, so it got a new transfer and instead of being
almost unpostable quality, it actually sounds all right for 310 recording, close to
the purple moon one. But nothing gets in the way of a purple moon production. The blue
moon isn't quite as good at keeping mikes clear, and few are. Purple moon is very good
at that, maybe even the best at getting good recordings with loud jostling crowds at
concerts.. Both this and the 82 are almost identical recordings, maybe even the exact
same 310 deck used for both masters. One I know isn't in here (wish it was) is "communicate",
I like that one but have only heard it in studio form from "bouncing off the sattelites"
which came out around this time (maybe not this same tour). I think this is my only chance
to give you a whammy kiss (one of their hits around this time)
Do not sell this recording.
(do you have any idea how much one of these things costs the U.S. military?)
Trade freely and losslessly.
These B-52's won't even hurt a baby.