K´┐Żln, Germany
20. November 1992

minimax-master-series #206


*The good stuff - tour*

Master - Audience recording from my old TDK-UX S C-90 Tapes

Artwork is included !!

This concert I taped with my Sony D6 professional walkman and an extra microphone
(I can't remember what microphone it was).

It was recorded from a seat about 15 meters from the stage on the left side
The sound quality is excellent -.
I had a problem in adjusting the level at the beginning, so don't get a heart-attack
when it suddenly gets really loud. It is just corrected. Sorry!!

Ah, here we have the B-52's on their worst ever tour, I think! No party, no fun! Just boring!
But good sounding....

Hope you like it!!

disc 01

01 intro
02 is that you Mo-Dean?
03 private idaho
04 hot pants explosion
05 strobe light
06 bad influence
07 mesopotamia
08 revolution earth
09 dreamland

disc 02

01 channel z
02 cosmic thing
03 roam
04 good stuff
05 tell it like it t-i-is
06 love shack
07 planet claire
08 rock lobster

Do not sell. For trading only. ..and perhaps for fun!

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