I accidently found some audio masters & low gen copies in a box stashed away on the attic.
A lot of them never circulated or have been long out of circulation as i stopped in 1995/1996.

Amongst them Bel Canto, Carmel, Cocteau Twins, Cranes, Blondie, Slowdive, Siouxsie etc
I'll be uploading them all, just so they go back in circulation again.
All audience masters were made with a Sony WMD-3 with default mic attached to my cap/hat
This way i top over the crowd & will have the best clear quality possible
Also included are some VPRO sessions, and some other radiobroadcasts.
I will keep track of the uploads & post a list of previous recordings.
This way you shouldn't miss any of them.

I have an impeccable ratio, so i won't seed too long. So a great opportunity for some to
gain ratio on em. Keep em shared as long as possible. Enjoy!

Upload number 33 is another audience master of the mighty B-52's.
This is from the tour with Julie Cruise (of Twin Peaks) on vocals.
The set is full of old & new songs mixed up, and the audience takes it all in.
When they come back for the first encore (Love Shack) the party really starts.
The Vredenburg is an auditorium, and people start dancing in the corridors &
the hallways. When they come back to perform Planet Claire & Rock Lobster the
entire auditorium went beserk. People dancing on chairs, the partitions between
section which are only 1 feet of width, on railings of the lounges.
Unbelievable no-one got hurt. I shouldve brought a camera with me...

Band : The B-52's
Venue : Muziek Centrum Vredenburg
Place : Utrecht, The Netherlands
Date : 1992-12-05

Lineage : Master Tape - Maxell XLII > SONY DVDRX970 > DVD+R >
DVD Audio Extractor 4.5.4 (WAV) > Audacity (splitting) > FLAC Frontend > FLAC 8


01. Intro
02. Is That You, Mo-Dean
03. Private Idaho
04. Hot Pants Explosion
05. Strobe Light
06. Bad Influence
07. Mesopotamia
08. Revolution Earth
09. Dreamland
10. Channel Z
11. Cosmic Thing
12. Roam
13. Good Stuff
14. (band Introduction)
15. Tell It Like It T-i-is
16. Love Shack - (1st encore)
17. Planet Claire - (2nd encore)
18. Rock Lobster - (2nd encore)