the B-52's
Kate Pierson: vocals
Fred Schneider: vocals
Keith Strickland: guitar, keyboards
Cindy Wilson: vocals
Tracy Wormworth: bass (probably?)
Sterling Campbell: drums (probably?)
maybe one or two other(s) playing bass and drums if not the two listed above.
VH-1's 3rd Annual Labor Day Weekend Big Backyard Barbeque
Staten Island, N.Y.C.
September 7, 1998
promoting "time capsule" (a greatest hits collection
from their 1st 5 albums, with a couple of new ones)
cable TV broadcast audio master
runtime: 66:15
1: announcer introduction > party out of bounds 4:55
2: private Idaho 4:08
3: channel Z 5:15
4: dance this mess around 6:34
5: good stuff 5:43
6: Quiche Lorraine 4:47
7: roam 5:11
8: summer of love 5:15
9: strobe light 4:02
10: hallucinating Pluto 4:37
11: Debbie (a tribute to Debbie Harry) 3:51
12: love shack 6:42
13: rock lobster 5:10
cable TV, channel VH-1 (and Z, track 3, chuckle, chuckle) >
Yamaha 500 reciever > Nak. 500 cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII-S 90 min. master cassette >
played on Nak. 300 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
a this and that production.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
this greatest hits package also includes two songs both not previously recorded.
both of those are heard here in this concert (tracks 10 and 11)