<body text="#000000" bgcolor="#aaaaaa">The B-52s <br>"Free At Noon" Concert <br>The Electric Factory <br>Philadelphia, PA <br>2008-04-25 <br> <br>Source: Audience Recording <br> <br>Sound Quality: A- <br> <br> <br>Track Title Length <br>----- ----- ----------- ----------- <br>01 intro (1:50) <br>02 Pump (4:44) <br>03 Hot Corner (3:37) <br>04 Ultra Violet (4:33) <br>05 Juliet Of The Spirits (4:41) <br>06 station ID (0:14) <br>07 Funplex (4:02) <br>08 Love In The Year 3000 (4:50) <br>09 Love Shack (7:14) <br>10 Rock Lobster (5:50) <br>11 outro (0:32) <br>------------------------------------- <br> <br>Total Time = 42:11 <br> <br> <br>Lineage: <br> <br>Recording: Church Audio Cardioids Microphones > CA STC-9000 Mic Pre-Amp > Sony PCM-M1 DAT Recorder @ 16bits, 44.1 kHz <br> <br>Transfer: Sony PCM-R500 DAT Recorder > ESI Juli@ Soundcard > Sound Forge v9.0e > CD Architect v5.2a > Plextor PX-230A CD Burner > EAC > FLAC level 6 files generated by Trader's Little Helper <br> <br>Comments: I had some requests for this alternative source. No EQ has been applied this recording. <br> <br>Recorded and transferred by rockcat <br> <br>Seeded to DIME on 2008-04-27 by rockcat <br>