Carling Academy
23rd July 2008

Lineage: Church Audio STC-11 mics>SP-SPSB-2 Battery Box>iRiver iHP-120 (Rockboxed)

Transfer: iRiver iHP-120> usb > wav >
Audacity 1.3beta (Amplify, Fade-in/fade-out, patch left channel with right channel in places (see notes))>
CD Wave (Track splits)>FLAC

1. Intro
2. Pump
3. Mesopotamia
4. Ultraviolet
5. Give Me Back My Man
6. Private Idaho
7. Keep This Party Going
8. Strobe Light
9. Juliet Of The Spirits
10. Roam
11. Party Out Of Bounds
12. Funplex
13. Hot Corner
14. Love In The Year 3000
15. Love Shack
16. Encore Break
17. Channel Z
18. Rock Lobster
19. Encore Break
20. Planet Claire


About 6 feet from left stack, on barrier.

Notes from original taper :

Mics mounted on T-shirt colar.

The left channel cut out for some reason at the start, I managed to fix this after 30 minutes by holding the
jack in a certain way and keeping still, but there were further cut outs on the left channel.
I therefore patched the right channel to the left channel between:

- Start to about 30 mins (Intro through to the first quiet part of Strobe Light)
- 55mins to about 1 hour 3 mins (toward end of Hot Corner through Love in the Year 3000 and start of Love Shack)
- for a few seconds around 1 hour 12 mins (Just before the intro to Channel Z)
- for about half a minute at about 1 hour 25 mins (during the Intro to Planet Clare)
- from 1 hour 30 mins to end (the outro).

This re-torrent includes three additional patches from the right channel to the left that I had missed in my first attempt:

- Final 1 minute 40 seconds (approx) of Party Out Of Bounds
- First 2 seconds of intro of Funplex
- Less than 100 mseconds of Love Shack at 58 seconds in and similar small patches between 1 min 16 seconds and 1 min 19 seconds.

I briefly unplugged the jack 2 or 3 times between songs to try to rectify the problem
- these have been edited out and are barely noticeable.

Additionally, I couldn't get the files off the iRiver, so had to use chkdsk /r and there was a bad sector at the end of
Planet Claire resulting in a slight dicontinuity right at the end of the song which I edited out (5 mins 16 seconds in) as
a result - again barely noticeable.

A security guy located himself almost directly in front of me on a number of occasions which made it difficult to
investigate the problem with the dodgy connection until he moved.

Normally its so easy with this set up, but this was just one of those nights and its taken a good few hours to sort.
Having said that, the end result is a pretty decent recording with minimal crowd noise.

Re the show. The band were great, but I think they badly misjudged the ticket prices for a club venue
- �27.50 + booking fee resulted in a small turn-out.
They didn't even bother opening the balcony, which is a first in my experience at the venue, and it wasn't packed downstairs.

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