The B52's
Live at Camden Roundhouse,
London in the UK - 24th July 2008

Give Me Back My Man
Keep This Party Going
Private Idaho
Strobe Light
Juliet Of The Spirits
Party Out Of Bounds
Hot Corner
Love In The Year 3000
Band Intros
Love Shack
Channel Z
Rock Lobster
--2nd Encore--
Planet Claire

Edirol R-09 recorder - Sound Pro CMC-8 binaurals with mini battery box
SD Card--Wav--edited with CD wave--Flac Frontend
Left hand side of the stage 10ft from PA stack

Great party show at the ol Roundhouse. Unlike the reports from the other UK shows this seemed pretty full. Sure was hot n sweaty in there especially for anyone in a beehive wig.

Thought the sound was a little muddy to begin with but improved. The girls' voice never seemed high enough in the mix but maybe that just due to Fred's barking voice.
Will post samples

There is no track 16 its just a section of crowd noise n me talking that I edited out so you're not missing anything important!