The B-52s
Seminole Hard Rock Live
Hollywood, Florida
Recorded by John G.

Lineage: SP CMC-2(AT831)>SPSB-2>Edirol R-09HR 24/44.1>Audacity 3.1.1(levels and fades)>16/44.1>CDWave 1.98(split tracks)>Flac Front End 1.7.1 Level 8


-Private Idaho
-Give Me Back My Man
-Strobe Light
-Quiche Lorraine
-52 Girls
-Party Out of Bounds
-Love In The Year 3000
-Hot Corner
-Love Shack
-Planet Claire
-Rock Lobster


-Fred Schneider - Vocals, cowbell, glockenspiel
-Kate Pierson - Vocals, keyboard
-Kieth Strickland - Keyboards, guitar, effects
-Cindy Wilson - Vocals, bongos
-Tracy Wormworth - Bass guitar
-Paul Gordon - Guitars
-Sterling Campbell - Drums

Comments: Recorded from VIP Section (3rd level above Section 204), Row A, stealth. What better way to rock in the New Year than with THE party band. This was a half-house show and was far from full capacity. The band played a typical set for their Funplex tour featuring many songs from the new album along with their classic hits. The show began just after 10 and they did not play through midnight as they were scheduled to do the official champagne toast in the casino. Much dancing was going on and by the end of the show the cantilevered concrete section our seats were in was oscillating to the beat. It felt like the whole thing might topple onto the seats below us. I managed to capture the whole show this time unlike my last taping adventure. The band played just over 81 minutes. If you leave out track 16 the whole show fits cleanly on one disc. Some pictures I took and rudimentary artwork are included.

This is NOT a copy of the master recording. It has been altered in the following ways: levels adjusted and normalized, fades added at disc transitions, downsampled to 16 bit and tracks split all to make it compatible with audio CD format. No equalization or other sound alterations have been applied.

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John G.