The B-52s
Fiddlers Green Amphitheater
Englewood, Colorado
June 14, 2015

opening for Tears for Fears

lineage: Sony PCM-M10 / ECM-717 > 24/96 > CDWav > FLAC (level 8)

01 intro
02 Pump
03 Mesopotamia
04 Private Idaho
05 Lava
06 Dance This Mess Around
07 Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland
08 Roam
09 Party Out of Bounds
10 Love in the Year 3000
11 6060-842
12 Love Shack
13 Rock Lobster

Notes: When we heard that the Kool Koncert would feature three seminal acts from the '80s - The B-52s, Berlin and
Tears for Fears - my wife and I were both thrilled and somewhat dejected; these bands now qualify as oldies acts?
What does that make us??? By the time we arrived at the venue, we did not have enough time to get wired up and
settled for me to record Berlin, which I regret now, as they were surprisingly good. Plus, I used the Berlin performance
to drink down two $10 beers (also known as "liquid courage") - which resulted in me using the restroom several times
during their performance,as well as twice during the B-52s. Each time I went during the B-52s, I unclipped my microphone,
clipped it onto my wife's shirt and handed her the recorder. It was broad daylight during the opening acts and a
security guard was near us for the entire show - but, as he was more concerned with keeping people from rushing up to the
closer rows, he never noticed what we were doing.

The performances by all bands were energetic and fun - it was a decidedly older crowd (the vast majority, including us,
were between 38-55) - which means that the crowd was into it, but, mellow. My wife noted that the B-52s are much harder
rock in live performance than on record, to which I agree - the surf rock elements in their music come way to the fore
when you're seeing them in person. And, I have to say, I love Fred Schneider - he's a goofy, campy, fun-loving MC who
keeps the audience into it from start to finish.

There are occasional mike bumps, a bit of rustle here and there, some wind noise and you hear us talking a bit here
and there - but, overall, these recordings came out better than I expected. What I present here are the raw recordings,
with only track edits, at 24 bit / 48K KHZ - you'll have to downsample for burning to CDR. I can't stop you from doing
what you want once this is out in the open, but, I would appreciate if you keep the file set intact and if you not profit
from this recording.