BBC Blues Sessions Volume 4 (2006) All tracks are my own recordings. Lineage: FM (external aerial) > Denon Tuner > stand alone Pioneer PDR609 CDR > WAV > FLAC I've uploaded tracks 4 to 6 previously but this version is edited to remove the DJ chat. Track 6 is cut and faded (the whole track wasn't broadcast). All studio session tracks are from the Paul Jones Show on BBC Radio 2. The dates after the track names are the broadcast dates but the session tracks for individual BBC shows would have been recorded in one session. Extra session tracks appear on the website for the programme but they are not always of the best sound quality and only the broadcast tracks are included here. Paul Jones generally plays three out of the four recorded session tracks in one programme and will sometimes play the fourth track at a later date. WALTER TROUT & THE RADICALS 1. Workin' Overtime - 5th October 2006 2. Can't Help Falling Apart (feat. Paul Jones) - 5th October 2006 3. She Takes More Than She Gives - 5th October 2006 4. Love So Deep - Live At Cardiff Coal Exchange 11th October 2001 5. Go The Distance - Live At Cardiff Coal Exchange 11th October 2001 6. Walkin' In The Rain (Cut) - Live At Cardiff Coal Exchange 11th October 2006 JOE BONAMASSA 7. Woke Up Dreaming - 19th October 2006 8. Walk In My Shadow > So Many Roads > Bridge To Better Days - 19th October 2006 (16 Mins) 9. Just Got Paid > Dazed & Confused instrumental section - 23rd November 2006 (9 mins) ROLLO MARKEE & THE TAILSHAKERS 10. Woop Yes We Are - 26th October 2006 11. Julius Junior - 26th October 2006 12. Everybody - 26th October 2006 Track 9 is as yet un-released and is pretty much essential listening for anyone with the slightest interest in blues rock. It's attracted the biggest ever response to a session track on Paul Jones' show. Here's a link to the web pages: