Volume 5 of 5. 40 years of archive to follow :-) 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6-8 also currently seeding. FLAC files are same as before, but .torrent now contains MD5, ffp and Artwork sub-directory. Artwork included. Apologies for delay - friend had virus, had to re-boot, install his disc as slave, etc. Available for hire :-) Original info: ---------------------------------------------------------- BBC Blues Sessions Volume 5 All tracks are my own recordings. Lineage: FM (external aerial) > Denon Tuner > stand alone Pioneer PDR609 CDR > WAV > FLAC, except track 15 and possibly one of the Cambridge tracks which came from digital tv at 256kbps. All studio session tracks are from the Paul Jones Show on BBC Radio 2 unless stated otherwise. The dates after the track names are the broadcast dates but the session tracks for individual BBC shows would have been recorded in one session. Extra session tracks appear on the website for the programme but they are not always of the best sound quality and only the broadcast tracks are included here. Paul Jones generally plays three out of the four recorded session tracks in one programme and will sometimes play the fourth track at a later date. Angela Brown & The Mighty 45's 1. People Will Be People - 2nd November 2006 2. Either Way We Lose - 2nd November 2006 3. You Didn't Want What You Had - 2nd November 2006 Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes (Cardiff tracks were Broadcast on The Bob Harris saturday night show) 4. The Fever - Live At Cardiff Coal Exchange 14th October 2001 5. Tired Skin - Live At Cardiff Coal Exchange 14th October 2001 6. I Don't Wanna Go Home - Live At Cardiff Coal Exchange 14th October 2006 7. Key To The Highway (Paul Jones show session) - 9th November 2006 8. Into The Harbour (Paul Jones show session) - 9th November 2006 9. C'mon Caroline (Paul Jones show session) - 9th November 2006 10. Nothin' But A Heartache (Paul Jones show session) - 9th November 2006 Eric Bibb 11. Stagger Lee - 16th November 2006 12. Got To Do Better - 16th November 2006 13. Destiny Blues - 16th November 2006 14. Going Down Slow (from Jools Holland's radio show & with Jool's Rhythm section) - 27th November 2006 15. In My Father's House (from Jools Holland's 'Later' TV show) - Broadcast 8th December 2006 16. The Needed Time - Cambridge Folk Festival 2002 17. Shingle By Shingle - Cambridge Folk Festival 2002 18. Good Stuff - Cambridge Folk Festival 2002 I've uploaded tracks 16 to 18 on Dime previously as part of a Cambridge Folk Festival compilation. Track 16 has not been officially released. 'The Needed Time' appears on an official Cambridge Folk Festival album but it was a performance from an earlier year. Here's a link to the Paul Jones web pages: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/jones/ In case you missed the link in my comment on volume 4, here's a link to another blues show that features regular sessions. These include Joe Bonamassa and Eric Bibb amongst others. The audio is at 95kbps and therefore recordings of this British Forces Broadcasting Service show can't be uploaded here. You can download podcasts to your i-pod or listen to the streaming audio. http://www.bfbs2.com/rnb.html