hal's BBC1 tapes - Roundtable (1980 -- with Grace Slick / Paul Gambuccini)

This is part of an ongoing series of excerpts from music I taped
over the BBC while living in Scotland in the period of 1980 - 1985.
I have over 80 cassette tapes from John Peel's show (including the
first Smiths and Cocteau twins sessions) -- at the time it was for my personal
amusement, and I had no thought of actually preparing these for trade,
so the dates in many cases are approximate, and completeness depends
on how many spare tapes I had at the time as a starving student. Enjoy!

(dedicated to John Peel . . . very much missed)

BBC 6 - Roundtable with Grace Slick and Paul Gambuccini (1980)

The earliest BBC recording I have, and most definitely the
worst-sounding. I had arrived in the UK with a cassette tape
that was already very old, and used my Iraqi roommate's system
(he was there being trained in nuclear physics, and his Saddam Hussein
posters were on the wall next to my William Morris posters; go
figure!) to record this London show from Scotland off of AM.

However, the sound improves somewhat over the length of this
47-minute recording. Today Steve Lamacq hosts, and I suppose
this is him or a cohort here: the format is that a current
single -- jeez, even cassette singles! -- is played and the
guests talk about it with the host. I obviously had to cut
out the singles but you can tell what is announced and what
they are talking about.

While the sound is bad, and this is definitely for completists
only, it does have some fascinating talk about the US and UK
music scene from the viewpoints of Slick and Gambuccini. Hear about
a wide variety of music, from Aretha Franklin to Bow-wow-wow to
Eddie Money discussed, while Grace throws in some of her personal
views of music (and name-drops Peter Gabriel, of all people!).

Fun if you can take the very lo-fi!

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