BBC Blues Sessions

Volume 1 (2006)

All tracks FM (external aerial) > Denon Tuner > stand alone Pioneer PDR609 CDR > WAV > FLAC

All studio session tracks on this volume are from the Paul Jones Show on BBC Radio 2.

The dates after the track names are the broadcast dates but the session tracks for individual BBC shows would have been recorded in one session.
Extra session tracks appear on the website for the programme but they are not always of the best sound quality and none are included here.
Paul Jones generally plays three out of the four recorded session tracks in one programme and will sometimes play the fourth track at a later date.

1. All Through the City - 4th May 2006
2. She's A Wind Up - 4th May 2006
3. Too Much Trouble - 4th May 2006
4. Instinct To Survive - 21st September 2006

5. Sundown - 15th June 2006
6. Blues For Yesterday - 15th June 2006

7. Crow Jane - 29th June 2006
8. All I Do - 29th June 2006
9. I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free) - 29th June 2006

10. Teasin' Brown - 6th July 2006
11. Bang Bang Lulu - 6th July 2006
12. Mississippi Boll Weevil - 6th July 2006

13. Highway Blues > Key To The Highway - 13th July 2006
14. A Gambler's View - 13th July 2006
15. How Long - 13th July 2006
16. I Don't Want You No More - 13th July 2006

17. Back Pocket - 20th July 2006
18. If You Wore Blue - 20th July 2006
19. Mexican Cowboy - 20th July 2006

I previously uploaded the first three tracks of this disc but the fourth track of the Dr Feelgood session hasn't been uploaded here before.

There has been a very good reaction to track 18. It hasn't been officially released as yet but Paul Jones has played the track three times due to the high volume of favourable mail.

Here's a link to the web page: