BB Chung King and The Buddaheads
Cozys Bar and Grill
Sherman Oaks, Ca

Taped by Highdesert and Durbut
Recorded at 16/44.1
Original Dat tape lost forever
Transfer made from 1st generation cassette copy
Previously uncirculated

Sound Quality: A-
Ample samples provided

Sony Ecm 959A >
Sony D8 >
Dat tape >
Unk Cassette recorder>
Cassette tape >
Denon M24HX>
Soundblaster Elite Pro Xfi Extreme>
Hard drive >
Sound Forge (Volume bump)>
TLH Flac level 8

Tapers Notes:
A smoking hot tape and show. 1st minute of song 8 major mic shuffling. Final song cut after 2 minutes. Missed the remainder of
that song and one or two others. Amazingly, there is relatively little live aud of this band out there. They were crazy great. Enjoy.

R.I.P. Alan Mirikitani


Set 1 (Runtime 55 minutes 35 seconds)

01 Devils Playground
02 Bending Like A Willow Tree (Albert Collins)
03 Step By Step
04 Fire and Gasoline
05 Blue Charade
06 In The Open (Freddie King)
07 Too Little Too Late (Ruth Brown)
08 Run With Me Baby?
09 All Your Love
10 Nothing To Lose

Set 2 (Runtime 43 minutes 22 seconds)

11 Crashin In
12 Through My Eyes
13 Mean Streak
14 Instrumental
Ain't It Time
15 Howlin At The Moon
16 Just In Time?
17 Tied Up - Cut

The Band:
Alan Mirikitani - Guitar/Vocals
Boyd Lafan?? - Bass
Joey Pafumi?? - Drums

For trade only. Do not sell.