B.B. King
The Beat Club
Cologne, Germany
January 16th, 1968

This show looked lossy to me at first sight, but after a careful examination with a
spectrum analyzer I�ve come to the conclusion that it isn�t. There�s a lot going on
in the 20-22 kHz area. Any shortcomings stem from the original source and/or the
taping process back in the day.
Hard to listen to with headphones, but just about ok with speakers. Still, I think
this one is for collectors only.
One guy rated the sound of his copy A+. I�m not sure he has the same show, or maybe
he never listened to it. Anyway, if someone has an upgrade, I�d be glad to have it.
For now, this is what we�ve got.

- bbdenv (January 28th, 2019)

Source: TV
Lineage: TV > ??? > CDR Trade > EAC > WAV > Foobar2000 > FLAC Level 5
Sound: B+

01. Intro / Night Life
02. Band Introductions
03. Every Day I Have The Blues
04. How Blue Can You Get
05. That's Wrong Little Mama
06. Sweet Sixteen
07. Rock Me Baby
08. Don�t Answer the Door
09. Intermezzo
10. The Jungle
11. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water

Band members:
B.B. King (vocals, guitar)
Sonny Freeman (drums)
James Toney (organ)
Lee Gatling (tenor saxophone)
Moses Thomas (trumpet)

Runtime: 42:43 (minutes/seconds)