Artist: B.B. King
Date: 1971-05-xx
Location: Seattle, WA
Venue: Paramount Theatre
Source: FM (Over The Air)
Lineage: 1st gen cassette>Wav(96/24)>Wav(44.1/16)>flac
Transfer: 1st gen cassette>Nakamichi 670>Wavelab 96/24
1st gen cassette Transferred By: JEMS
Taped By: D & D
Transferred By: JEMS

D & D Archives Master Series Volume 7

Band Members:
B.B. King - guitar, vocals

Joseph Burton - trombone
John Browning - trumpet
Sonny Freeman - drums
Wilbert Freeman - bass
Milton Hopkins - guitar
Louis Hubert - tenor saxophone
Ron Levy - piano
Earl Turbinton - alto saxophone

01. Intro
02. Every Day I Have The Blues
03. Instrumental
04. Instrumental
05. Whole Lotta Lovin'
06. Rock Me Baby
07. Hummingbird

Length: 21:14

JEMS is proud to be able to partner with and present some of the choice recordings in the D & D archives. Some of these recordings have been around for years but none of the master tapes or safety copies in some cases have ever been digitized until now. Dave and Donn taped many shows in and around the Seattle area in the 70's and also were contemporaries of some of the JEMS members. Volume 7 captures a radio broadcast they recorded of B.B. King. The recording is incomplete(it is also possible this was all that was broadcast) but what is captured is a real treat. B.B. King always put on a great show, the recording here is no different with inspired(as usual) guitar work.