B.B. King
Boston Commons, Boston, MA
September 7, 1971

Source : GE cassette recorder w/built in mic > Cassette Master (obtained 2/24/09) (Babb)

Transfer : Sony Dual tape deck > Soundcard HP Laptop > CD-R (transferred & tracked by Babb)

Editing : Cool Edit (tracking) > Sound Forge (CD extract & volume) > Wave > TLH (sbe aligned) > Flac 8

Traders Den - November 12, 2020

Posted by kingrue upload #2802

I've been sitting on many BB King master tapes for well over 10 years.

I think it's now time to get these recordings put into circulation.

The sound quality starts off really nice and then slowly gets more distorted. (batteries were dying)

I've included a picture taken from this concert.

I boosted the volume +2dB.

Check samples for quality.

Band line-up
B.B. King - vocals, guitar
Ron Levy - piano
Milton Hopkins - guitar
Wilbert Freeman - bass
Joseph Burton - trombone
John Browning - trumpet
Earl Turpenton - alto sax
Louis Hubert - tenor sax
Sonny Freeman - drums

Total Time = 45:12

Set list
01 BB King Introduction Jam
02 Everyday I Have The Blues
03 How Blue Can You Get?
04 Just Like A Woman
05 Outside Help
06 Chains And Things
07 Hummingbird
08 Sweet 16
09 Band Introductions
10 The Thrill Is Gone

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