BB KING Paris-Fr, salle Pleyel 1977 october 5 SM aud master, uncirculated on trackers

This is my first recording of a BB's show.
I previously shared it on the net in an uncomplete version with only KingGeorge, Zuo and a few other people.
Now i up it on dime because i recently found the end of the show on a lost cassette.

Probably recorded with TC 150 Sony and a cheap Philips ext mono mic (but right in front and close to the left stack).
Not bad at all, check the samples.
Direct from my youth, here is BB King for you !

Cassettes-Marantz sd4051 deck-Zoom H4-SD card-PC-Audacity (tracks)-FLAC 8(TLH).

Approximative setlist :

01 Band inst
02 Band inst
03 BB intro & Caldonia
04 Sweet little angel
05 In my song
06 Just a matter of time
07 why i sing the blues & jam
08 Intro part of the band
09 I believe to my soul
10 To know you is to love you
11 All over again
12 I need my baby (?)
13 Instrumental
14 When i'm right i'm wrong (?)
15 Talk (throat problems ?)
16 The thrill is gone
17 How blue can you get
18 Instrumental
19 Audience
20 Ain't nobody home ?
21 Sweet sixteen
22 Instrumental outro (faded)

Samples in comments.

On dime july 2015 (by letsgo)