My BB KING archives vol 1, Nancy 1977 october xx, FM master, FLAC

I'm back with another blues collection, like i did before with Luther Allison.
If you follow me for this series, i'm able to fill 8, 9 or 10 volumes with FM recordings made from 1977 to 1997.

Vol 1 is Nancy oct 1977, recorded during Jazz pulsations festival (France Inter and France Musique FM broadcasts);the songs came probably from two different sets played for this event.
Ripping and listening to my tapes i found very sensitive music made by a strong weld band.
The tunes are listed in a subjective order.
I took this from very old cassettes masters, but i think the result is very correct (samples in comments).

01 Instrumental
02 Players intro / instrumental / Sweet little angel
03 My song (shortened by a tape flip)
04 Just a matter of time
05 Why i sing the blues
06 Instrumental / I believe to my soul
07 The thrill is gone
08 Slow blues instrumental
09 Sweet sixteen / instrumental outro
10 Last outro

Cassettes played on a Marrantz SD4051 cassette deck; zoom H4 for wav; PC; audacity for tracking; FLAC.

Some samples in comments.