B.B. King
Odeon, Hammersmith, London
14 Oct 1978 (First broadcast 21 Oct 1978)
FM broadcast

B.B. King - Guitar, Vocals
Calvin Owens - Trumpet
Walter King - Tenor Sax
Cato Walker - Alto Sax
? - 2nd Guitar
? - Bass
? - Keyboards

01 Alexis Korner's Introduction
02 Caledonia
03 How Blue Can You Get
04 The Life I Sing About
05 Nightlife
06 Think I'm Going Out of my Mind
07 When It All Comes Down
08 Hold On
09 Made Your Move Too Soon
10 Thrill is Gone
11 I Believe to my Soul
12 You Let Me Down

Recording Lineage

FM off-air -> Revox B77 reel-to-reel -> Reel(m)

Playback / Encoding Lineage

Reel(m) on same Revox B77 -> Alesis Masterlink @ 88.2kHz, 24-bit (track splits, level adjustment, fades, sample-rate conversion to 44.1kHz) -> CDR -> EAC to .wav -> TLH to .flac
TLH sez no SBEs

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Mastered Sep 2007