B.B. King
The Granby Theater
Norfolk, Va
February 14, 1981

Electro Voice PL 95A Microphones > Technics 646d Cassette Deck -> Master Cassette -> Tascam cc222 -> CD -> EAC -> WAV -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac 8


Set 1
d1t01 Announcer Lead In
d1t02 Orchestra Jam #1
d1t03 Orchestra Jam #2
d1t04 BB King Intro > BB Jam
d1t05 Let The Good Times Roll
d1t06 I Got Some Outside Help I Don't Need
d1t07 When It All Comes Down
d1t08 All Over Again

d2t01 I Like To Live The Love
d2t02 Three O'clock Blues > It's My Own Fault > Sweet Little Angel > Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
d2t03 Never Make Your Move To Soon
d2t04 Band Intro's
d2t05 Get On Down
d2t06 The Thrill Is Gone
d2t07 I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone
d2t08 Take It Home > Outro


B.B King - Lucille
Eugene Carrier - Keyboards
Russell Jackson - Bass
Leonard Gill - Guitar
Tony Coleman - Drums
James Bolden - Trumpet
Walter Berry - Trumpet
Raymond Harris - Trombone
Robert Garner - Tenor Sax
Edgar Synigal - Baritone Sax
Calvin Owens - Arranger / Conductor