B.B. King
Bushnell Park
Hartford, Connecticut

July 31, 1983

New Audience Source #2 with Source #1 patch.

Main Source: Nakamichi CM 300 mics > Sony WM-D5c > 2nd generation cassettes (scottsays)

Source 1 patch: Nakamichi 100 mics > Sony WM-D6c > Cassette Master > CD-R (David H.)

Source 2 Transfer: Nakamichi BX 300 > Olympus LS 10 (wav 44.1)

Editing: Wave Pad Sound Editor (split tracks)

Post production using Soundforge for the "Pitch & Patch".

Traders Den 5/4/16

kingrue upload 788


This month has a been a huge winfall for me and finding a whole lot of new BB King recordings.

Which will benefit all the blues fans. This was a bit of a project for me to put together.

When I started listening to Source 2. I noticed the tape speed was about half a note low.

Luckily there is another Source 1, that plays at perfect pitch. I used that as a guide to pitch correct this new source.

It needed to go up +5.5 semitones to match Source 1. Once that was done, I started using Source 1 as a patch on 3 different spots.

With this new Source 2, we finally have the beginning of the show. Source 1 started late and was missing the beginning few minutes.

Track 9 'When It All Comes Down'. in itself was a major project, it had 2 tape cuts.

It needed 2 patches inside the track at these spots: 0:00 - 0:08 and 7:48 - 8:19.

Neither source had a complete tk 9. I only had a few seconds of material that overlapped to piece them together.

I had to amplify the fade outs to pull up a few more seconds of sound to make the 2 sources meet, that's how close this patch was.

It was some of the trickiest editing I've had to do in a long time.

I was quite relived that I was able to piece the 2 sources together.

The other patch was at the ending of the last track. Track 16 'When the Saints Go Marching In'. Patch used from 2:16 - 2:46.

When I was done with the pitch and patch, it turned out really nice. You'll be hard pressed to hear the source changes.

Now for the first time, we have the show in 100% complete form.

Thanks to Scott for suppyling the tapes that had been in storage for 30 years.

If anyone else thinks they have a rare BB King show, please get in touch with me.

samples provided

01 Orchestra Instrumental 1
02 Orchestra Instrumental 2
03 BB King Introduction Jam
04 Let the Good Times Roll
05 Sweet Sixteen
06 Never Make Your Move Too Soon
07 BB Banter
08 Guess Who
09 When It All Comes Down
10 Don't Answer the Door
11 I Can't Leave Your Love Alone
12 All Over Now
13 BB's Instrumental Blues Jam
14 The Thrill Is Gone
15 How Blue Can You Get
16 When the Saints Go Marching In

Total Time = 92:41 min





01 Orchestra Instrumental 1.flac:854762358c411f2210b758c6891ce70f
02 Orchestra Instrumental 2.flac:b2fa61d1a724e7296ad8008bba6ae17b
03 BB King Introduction Jam.flac:f3e32b476b4baa8807fd373fe9a0221c
04 Let the Good Times Roll.flac:1082a87fa92b7221a297274083e72277
05 Sweet Sixteen.flac:7e3c78c47efdcb68f5b9b2c8a1f76ebf
06 Never Make Your Move Too Soon.flac:6a587e53703a89549636d37cfb3ce2ee
07 BB Banter.flac:716dfcdf7dc48dbece48ae931191475f
08 Guess Who.flac:90782e605e6867dc9abf55f400191ff1
09 When It All Comes Down (patched).flac:5fdd8d977529b3cfd150c365b095d083
10 Don't Answer the Door.flac:16a8d69b29e957390e8c0385061c7a63
11 I Can't Leave Your Love Alone.flac:3f3513e0f1a17db1fbed1a1c6d336514
12 All Over Now.flac:fcdaacd887eae428282f7b05915f908e
13 BB's Instrumental Blues Jam.flac:6922cfd731997072416d91d3933636d5
14 The Thrill Is Gone.flac:09d27b3b44c2f94dabdb865cd573568c
15 How Blue Can You Get.flac:c7e82a6408352a18ff33b50de4fd1586
16 When the Saints Go Marching In (patched).flac:5534743c5187e82e4e350f93cb780dd8

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