B.B. King and Orchestra
Candlewood Playhouse
New Fairfield, CT
August 1, 1983

Late Show

The BR series vol.91

Source: unknown mics > unknown recorder > low gen cassette (Maxell XL-II)

Transfer: Sony TC-WE 475 > gold tipped cables > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (44.1)

Editing: Soundforge > Wav > TLH [sector boundary aligned] Flac Level 8

Transferred 11/20/15 and posted on Traders Den 01/06/16

Transferred, edited and tracked by George upload 686.


For the first time anywhere, here's a new BB King to enjoy.

This is the only recording I've ever seen to come out of the Candlewood Playhouse.

The quality is really good on this one. Somebody sure had some good taping gear for this show.

This post is really important and means a lot to me. I hope it does to you blues fans too.

This recording as been in the back of my mind for 13 years, for that's how long I had to wait to finally obtain a copy of this.

Just by luck befriending BR, who had many recordings I had been searching for.

This being a rare BB show from 1983, makes this even more special. This isn't just another show from the 90's or post 2000.

This has a couple rare tracks played, 'Parting Time' and 'Somebody To Call My Own'.

After 'All Over Again', the band goes into an outro fanfare, which they normally save for the end of the show.

Then BB goes into the next song and they keep playing. The band does 2 more songs and sadly the tape runs out.

Since this is the late show, I'm sure BB played 85-90 minutes. We're probably missing the last 10 minutes.

I'm okay with that, since I waited so many years to get this, I'm glad that I have this much.

Looking through my collection, I found ticket stubs that I've owned for a few years. I've included a scan of those tickets.

As some of you know, I'm dealing with a hearing problem and I'm trying to post shows that are already finished,

since I can't safely edit shows anymore, unless I wear ear plugs in both ears while i edit and that can work for me,

but It's still difficult to figure out set lists if I have to listen for the lyrics, which is just too difficult to do anymore.

I saw this BB show sitting on my HD and thought now is a good time to post this.

Vocals, Guitar - B.B. King
Keyboards � Eugene Carrier
Guitar - Leon Warren
Bass � Russell Jackson
Drums � Calep Emphrey
Trumpet � James Bolden
Tenor Sax - Eddie Synigal

Thanks for BR for the tape.

Samples Provided.

01 Blues Band Instrumental 1
02 Blues Band Instrumental 2
03 Blues Band Instrumental 3
04 B.B. King Introduction Jam
05 Everyday I Have The Blues
06 Sweet Little Angel
07 When It All Comes Down
08 Night Life
09 BB talks to the crowd
10 Parting Time
11 Somebody To Call My Own
12 Nobody Loves But My Mother
13 I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone
14 All Over Again
15 Outro Fanfare
16 Band Introductions
17 Since I Met You Baby
18 Thrill Is Gone

Total Time = 78:07 min





01 Blues Band Instrumental 1.flac:b778c68786f4b509c46e3d82b5e0f513
02 Blues Band Instrumental 2.flac:b480fb92fcb687f5ba0844d4a00fadf1
03 Blues Band Instrumental 3.flac:cf114da139fe4f488b4f7e21616b85f5
04 B.B. King Introduction Jam.flac:b69f51cb1f3990a4566b9eb3cc4f92b7
05 Everyday I Have The Blues.flac:69f2eff068cfe0dd9b0cd2827e8b4f6a
06 Sweet Little Angel.flac:ba687cec5d1d291b7dfbe5b1c769ec40
07 When It All Comes Down.flac:425dd40492b653b1bb7c0c92cbc4775f
08 Night Life.flac:b47fb1a5efd7a5415e2e09acaf3ef93f
09 BB talks to the crowd.flac:72c79f8a342d894c2eee19c57909de9a
10 Parting Time.flac:1f81ff55d1b50b0cd1a9378964c27d10
11 Somebody To Call My Own.flac:6d1a3f5e33307a307bd70271205a3aca
12 Nobody Loves But My Mother.flac:a838630862af25adc9eed4eeb0d8bea3
13 I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone.flac:d8d0d979f3521e8ce7bf259670a30e11
14 All Over Again.flac:52a57c06295d5a13e16bae37f9b3e6ee
15 Outro Fanfare.flac:a435ce4654874f5d2c9d338ec49f08e0
16 Band Introductions.flac:c0d7a92adafb08997bc17fcb1d80828a
17 Since I Met You Baby.flac:0e5749e6e30978689ed74fb6c48e40a1
18 Thrill Is Gone.flac:aa71cc7f89d6be041bf8c6d9427b6a38

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