Here is the great BB King on a hot night recorded by a friend of mine using my deck at the Wax Museum, Washington D.C. August 18, 1983. This was transferred directly from his master to CDR. The sound quality rivals any good soundboard out there, especially since it's a 25 year old recording. BB playing is very inspired and the band is tight. I didn't get the personnel when I transferred and it there are any names for the instrumentals that you recognize please let me know.

Lineage>Sony WM-D3 Recording Walkman with a Sony Stereo Mic ECM-929LT with Maxell hi quality tape >Philips 765CDR>FLAC>


BB King
Wax Museum
Washington, D.C. 1983-8-13

CD 1
1. Intro Instrumental 6:40
2. Instrumental 7:12
3. BB Instrumental 2:18
4. Every Day I Have The Blues 3:27
5. Sweet Little Angel 5:28
6. Caldonia 4:56
7. I Believe In My Soul 6:50
8. Better Not Look Back 7:03
9. The Night Life 7:02

CD 1
1. Instrumental 2:54
2. Funky Instrumental 4:54
3. I'll Still Be Around 11:33
4. I Just Can't Leave Your Love 6:34
5. Tombstone Blues 6:00
6. Rock Me Baby 7:39
7. Thrill is Gone 9:12

Total: 99:39