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B.B. King
Playboy Jazz Festival
Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood, CA
June 16th, 1984

�I don�t have a bunny, I just have Lucille!� - B.B. King

I love this show! For sure, it is one of my personal favorites. If you listen to this show with your eyes closed it is just like you
are there, at the Playboy Jazz Festival in 1984! You can hear the audience, but at no point during this recording it becomes
bothersome. This is the kind of atmosphere an official release or a soundboard can hardly, if ever, recreate. This show deserves to
be better known, as it is quintessential B.B. King at his very best.
All credits to the person who taped this show!

Source: AUD
Lineage: AUD > Cassette Tape > CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC
Sound: A(-)

01. Intro / Instrumental
02. Instrumental
03. B.B. King enters the stage / Every Day I Have the Blues
04. Paying the Cost to Be the Boss
05. Don't Answer the Door
06. Let the Good Times Roll
07. Never Make a Move Too Soon / B.B. King Talks
08. All Over Again
09. Better Not Look Down
10. Evil Gal / Band Introductions
11. The Thrill Is Gone / Outro

Band members:
B.B. King (vocals, guitar)
Eugene Carrier (keyboard)
Russell Jackson (bass)
Calep Emphrey Jr. (drums)
Leon Warren (guitar)
James Bolden (trumpet)
Edgar Synigal (tenor saxophone)
Debra Voston (vocals)