B.B. King
Temple of Music and Art
Tucson, Arizona
February 22, 1985

Early Show

B.B. King Vol. 16

Today is B.B. King's 87th Birthday.

In Celebration, I'm uploading this seldomly heard Soundboard.

Yamaha PM-1000 Matrix SBD->Sony D5M->Panasonic SV3800 DAT->HHB CD-R800->CD Trade

Extracted using Soundforge 9.0->HD->TLH->Flac Level 8->Dime 09/16/12

01 Blues Band #1
02 Blues Band #2
03 B.B. King Intro Jam
04 Don't Answer The Door
05 Caledonia
06 Untitled Instrumental
07 Woke Up This Morning
08 When It All Comes Down
09 How Blue Can You Get?
10 Better Not Look Down
11 Rock Me Baby
12 He's Mine all Mine (w/Debra Voston)
13 Evil Gal (w/Debra Voston)
14 The Thrill is Gone

Total Time = 95:34 min

This comes from a collector named Rick C. who obtained his transfer straight off the master

During track 01 the soundman is adjusting the stage mix and it takes him a few minutes to get everything dialed it right. Sometimes BB's vocals are low in the mix. It seems that the soundman tends to turn down the vocal mic when BB's not singing and is slow to turn it back up, causing the vocal to be low in the mix and gradually increased at times.

During 1984-85 there was a female singer in the band named Debra Voston. She would usually come out towards the end of the show and sing 2 songs with the band. Debra is still actively singing in the Chicago area these days.

The recording ends right after "The Thrill is Gone" finishes. Most likely missing is the Fanfare Outro and possibly another song.

Enjoy this recording. Don't just store it on a HD, you should listen to it.