BB King
Bailey Hall, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

01. BB King Orchestra
02. BB King Introduction
04. Sweet Little Angel
05. When It All Comes Down
07. Better Not Look Down
08. I've Got a Mind to Give Up Living
09. Why I Sing the Blues
10. Caldonia
11. One of Those Nights
12. Ain't Nobody's Business
13. [band introduction]
14. Into the Night

Master Sony UCX-S Cassette
2 Nakamichi CM-100s with CP1 Cardiod Capsules and Sony TC-D5m
Front Row Balcony - Center

Cassette master playback on Sony TC-D5m to Marantz PMD-670

- Some level adjustments during track 2
- There's a little more of the show that I can't find on another cassette
- Tape flip in track 8

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