B.B. King
Landmark Theater
Syracuse, NY

October 2, 1985

From the collection of in2blues

Source: unknown mic/recorder > 1st generation cassette

Transfer: Ion tape deck (usb) > Nero (Wav 44.1)

Editing: Soundforge (tracking) > WAV > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac level 8

Traders Den 7/6/16

Transferred by in2blues

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I'm glad to be offering another new BB King into circulation.

BB's mic goes out at the beginning of 'Caldonia', but it gets fixed.

This is a really good recording and it's complete.

Previously I had obtained a shorter version from Smores.

This will be an upgrade for him and will be new to all of you.

BB King in 1985, we'll that was a good year for BB.

A couple of the rare songs here are 'One of Those Nights and Lucille".

Enjoy the show.

Eugene Carrier � Keyboards
Leon Warren - Guitar
Michael Doster � bass
Calep Emphrey Jr. - drums
James Bolden - trumpet
Edgar Synigal - sax
Walter King � sax

Side A
01 Blues Band Instrumental 1
02 Blues Band Instrumental 2
03 BB King Introduction Jam
04 Sweet Little Angel
05 Caldonia
06 BB's Blues Instrumental
07 Outside Help

Side B
08 Better Not Look Down (w/bass solo)
09 All Over Now
10 Why I Sing The Blues
11 Ain't Nobody's Business
12 One Of Those Nights
13 Into The Night
14 How Blue Can You Get
15 Thrill Is Gone

Side C
16 Lucille
17 Fanfare Outro

Total Time = 102:05 min





01 Blues Band Instrumental 1.flac:ff1a3581032c9cf7096e3404ce64d6a7
02 Blues Band Instrumental 2.flac:41821f1ea7a21efcc69fffa07d7d998b
03 BB King Introduction Jam.flac:00b4eb472ef105dc6931e0327a35ff1a
04 Sweet Little Angel.flac:e78e0b2d7519f508d8d2da273e514035
05 Caldonia.flac:8c9ac6b701b489c7f413548cdd57a7ad
06 BB's Blues Instrumental.flac:7f8ad653727666e6cb004f4deb066653
07 Outside Help.flac:b3219f5985ed240f778d34286c48bd2f
08 Better Not Look Down.flac:5b32b8aafd270b77f00c92c70e52f98d
09 All Over Now.flac:9592440ef1923e664635f46a49bfa44c
10 Why I Sing The Blues.flac:66372428fb164fa0498b6de9662e8d4f
11 Ain't Nobody's Business.flac:afd91bdd53b536f29a8c187702bb818f
12 One Of Those Nights.flac:00bda57fa23bb5496b0ede1c5ca7d9d6
13 Band Introductiions.flac:91a6142b746117f8d222036fed563db6
14 Into The Night.flac:8aac151a2f298aea6c7e3435551d0930
15 How Blue Can You Get.flac:5218ae6840b9886a2aa571ec7610919d
16 Thrill Is Gone.flac:6d6f689830ca7f57c86f9fc92fed56ec
17 Lucille.flac:42d7b6a6ac59597f3ca5b21ab105da5f
18 Fanfare Outro.flac:dea7ebb0082fe547f2bd9de8cdf6065f

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