B.B. King
Roanoke Civic Auditorium
Roanoke, Va
April 3, 1986

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01. Blues Intro
02. Blues Intro #2
03. B.B. King Introduction
04. Everyday I Have The Blues
05. Sweet Little Angel
06. Caledonia
07. Blues Instrumental
08. Why I Sing The Blues
09. // Into The Night
10. Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
11. The Thrill Is Gone
12. Band Intro's > Rock Me


B.B. King - Guitar/Vocals
Mike Doster - Bass
Leon Warren - Guitar
Calep Emphry - Drums
Eugene Carrier - Keys
James Bolden - Trumpet
Edgar Synigal - Sax
Walter King - Sax

This is from the master cassette. There is lot's of confusion as to where this show took place. Some list the Roanoke Civic Center others list the Grandin Theater. The Roanoke Civic Center complex contains two buildings, one is the main civic center the other is the smalller, auditorium. I've including a jpeg of the ticket stub, to clear this up. Multi gen copies of this do circulate, all of which originate from this tape.

The Nighthawks opened this show.

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