B.B. King and Orchestra
Fabrik Jazz Festival
Hamburg, Germany

October 28, 1986

This is a 2 source combo. (Not a Matrix)

Main Source: FM Broadcast > low generation cassette (kingrue tape)

Alt. Source: (Dimer unclewolfi) NDR 2 Webcast > Flac (*) Tracks 7, 8, 9.

Main Source Transfer: Sony Deck TC-WE 475 > gold tipped rca cables > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW

Editing: Soundforge 9.0 > Wav > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac level 6

Traders Den 7/17/15

Transferred, Channels Balanced and Tracked by George upload 543


Recording Notes

Recently a 54 minute webcast was released and posted on Dime. This convinced me to revisit my old FM cassette, which clocks in at 78 minutes. Comparing both versions side by side, it appears I have several additional songs.
The new webcast offered 3 songs I didn't have.

For this torrent, I chose to use my entire cassette and placing the 3 webcast tracks within the proper sequence.

There appears to be some difference in the mix between both sources. My FM tape has the crowd cheer further in the background. Since my tape is a few generations down the line, the music lacks some fidelity in comparison.

In my opinion the quaility of the webcast material has the keyboard/organ sounding rather shrill with a bit of phasy high end. Which I don't really like. Both sources do share more songs, though I only used what I needed from the webcast.

I know there is probably a few songs missing, but it's hard to say for sure, since BB would change up the set list a little during this Euorpeon tour. The only material that I know is missing is the opening blues band instrumental.
My tape starts with the 2nd blues instrumental. Other possible songs that are missing could be 'Ain't Nobody's Business', 'Catfish Blues' and/or 'Caldonia'.

I tried to find another copy of this FM broadcast to upgrade what I had, but I wasn't able to obtain any other copies, so this is the best I have to offer. I would really like to hear the whole recording from a known gen copy. This is the most complete version available at this time.

Samples Provided.

01 Blues Band Instrumental
02 B.B. King Introduction Jam
03 Let The Good Times Roll
04 Outside Help
05 Whole Lotta Loving
06 Nightlife
07 All Over Again (*)
08 Never Make Your Move Too Soon (*)
09 One of Those Nights (*)
10 Everyday I Have The Blues
11 Thrill Intro and Band Introductions
12 The Thrill Is Gone
13 Rock Me Baby
14 How Blue Can You Get
15 When The Saints Go Marching In
16 Fanfare Outro

Total Time = 105:47 min