B.B. King
Performing Arts Center
Tampa Bay
November 11th, 1988

B.B. King Vol.9

Uncirculated Tape, Uploaded First Time Anywhere, Here on DIME (06/30/12)

Thanks to the couple who attended and taped this show. where ever you may be now.

Taped By: Matt Swenson and Karen Debarres (8th Row Center)

Transfer Lineage:
Low Gen Tape>Sony TC-WE475 Deck->JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW->Extract Soundforge 9.0->HD->TLH->Flac level 8->Dime


This is a Rare One.

I've never been able to find a better gen copy.

There are 2 cuts in this recording

Side A ends at 50:22 min.

Small Cut at the end of track 08.

Small Cut at the beginning of track 10.

No Set list at this time, Sorry.

Check Sample for Quality.