BB King Blues Orchestra
Belgium Rhythm 'n' Blues Festival
Peer, Belgium
Probable date 16 July 1989

I still have a lot of old analogue tapes from the old days when I used to record radio shows broadcasting live concerts or studio shows/sessions.
Since I have an Edirol R09 now, I am trying to transfer these analogue tapes and recordings to digital and upload them on Dime.

Lineage: Analogue tape > Stand alone tape player > Edirol R09 (44,1 Hz/16 Bit Wave) > NERO Wave Editor 4 > Flac

I didn't do anything to improve the recording, apart from using NERO Wave Editor to split the recording in several tracks.

I am not completely sure about the date, but derived it from the site that still streams a lot of old shows, or more precise from .

Most of the shows I recorded from the radio are from the period of end 1980's / early 1990's.
This recording is not from this stream, but from my own analogue tape, as stated above.
The song When Love Comes To Town is the song BB did with U2 on their album Rattle And Hum.
I saw BB play it live with U2 in 1990, but I like this version more, as it is BB with his own band, which gives the song a different feel.

The tracks are:

01. I'll Still Be Around
02. Woke Up This Morning
03. The Thrill Is Gone
04. When Love Comes To Town (U2) > DJ Outro