B.B. King
December 16th, 1989

B.B. King Vol. 4

Cassette Master (Source 2)

Taped By: Oliver Bode

Tape Source:
Sony (Stereo) ECM 155->Sony WM-D6->TDK SA-90 CassM->CD Trade

CD Extract Soundforge 9.0>TLH>Flac Level 8>Dime

01 BB King Intro Jam
02 Let The Good Time Roll
03 When It All Comes Down
04 Caledonia
05 Band Introduction
06 Go On
07 Nobodys Home
08 Paying the Cost to be the Boss
09 Instrumental
10 Into The Night
11 Thrill Is Gone (tape flip)
12 Guess Who
13 Fanfare Outro

Total Time = 48:34 min

Kingrue Notes:

BB King was the opening act for U2 on this tour. This is a short compact show, giving a whole new younger generation some needed exposure to the world of Blues, from the Chairman of the Board. Mr B.B. King.

There are 2 sources in circulation. The first source that came out was a Boot LP, which i have. It is a little shorter and not quite as good sound. This 2nd source from a Cassette Master (thanks Oliver) Is complete with better sound. Only a tiny tape flip at the end of track 11 @ 3:45 mark, no music missing.

Sound Quality

Average to Very Good, a little distant. There is noticable hand claps and cheering through out the whole show. The crowd was definitely enjoying BB's energy. thanks to Oliver where ever you are. ;-)

Enjoy The Show



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07c6debb12fa66111b4146ebd8f07fea *02 Let the Good Times Roll.flac
3d2f644d8c74b9ed090c3cfce18e20e5 *03 When It All Comes Down.flac
075eb441342dcfe1ff0d46e31b0a1de8 *04 Caledonia.flac
c6535a7caaaa810527b4fd7d0e80ed76 *04a Band Introduction.flac
7931b3b192e15f4253e3312476b572b4 *05 Go On.flac
25c0585857fcbda6b07fed18fd790ec2 *06 Nobodys Home.flac
0f424619ff19e50e053ed97073cf8c7e *07 Paying the Cost to be the Boss.flac
b2a2695889c1b2eb1ae79128f9fc10a4 *08 Instrumental.flac
674bcc438412f1e7cd64f3bba603d770 *09 Intio The Night.flac
251aab06dd6509efa937541adb178a4b *10 Thrill Is Gone (tiny cut).flac
03bc88828ec6a231c7a9dacc14b16304 *11 Guess Who.flac
4fcf0999a561dbf877ad5e4d26f5280a *12 Fanfare Outro.flac

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