My BB KING archives vol 9, Nice 1991 july 15 and 1992 july 21, FM masters, FLAC

The 1991 recording had noise FM reception and real stupid DJ's comments.
I did some work and edits to make a listenable version (check samples for SQ).
1992 is OK.

01 Let i roll (intro shortened by news intermission)
02 Instrumental
03 Caldonia
04 Jam with bass solo
05 Jam with with band intro
06 Since i met you baby
07 The thrill is gone and jam
08 Please accept my love
09 Love comes to town
10 Peace to the world
11 Oh when the saints ...
12 Movin' on down the line (with Dee Dee Bridgewater)
13 Move out of my neighborhood
14 Rock me baby (and news intermission fade)

1-11 : from Nice 1991 july 15; noise mainly on 02 (quiet inst).
12-14 : from Nice 1992 july 21.

Cassettes played on a Marrantz SD4051 cassette deck; zoom H4 for wav; PC; audacity for volume, repairs and tracking; FLAC.

Samples in comments.