B.B. King
Lycabettus Theatre
Athens, Greece

July 1991

Source: Soundboard (Mono) > ??? > CD-R

Soundforge (editing and tracking) > Wav > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac Level 8

Traders Den 02/09/16.

channels balanced and tracked by kingrue Upload 702.


This is a large open-air theater at the top of Mount Lycabettus in Athens.

I've had this for a while and was trying to figure out an exact date. This was labeled only as 1991.

I know BB played here in July 1994, since he likes to repeat the same tour schedule it seems plausible that this is also in July.

This is most of the concert, missing the opening blues band instrumentals and maybe 1 song with the closing outro.

Track 09 'Caldonia' fades in.

Track 15 'When Love Comes To Town' fades out.

Besides the fact that this is in mono, the sound quality is clean and spectacular.

I really enjoyed how good this sounds, you will too.

Samples Provided

01 B.B. King Introduction
02 Let The Good Times Roll
03 When It All Comes Down
04 Into The Night
05 Go On
06 Ain't Nobody Home
07 BB Blues Instrumental
08 Caldonia
09 Why I Sing The Blues
10 Darling You Know I Love You
11 Sweet Little Angel
12 Thrill Is Gone
13 Instrumental
14 When The Saints Go Marching In
15 When Love Comes To Town

Total Time = 69:39 min