BB King and Band
Gerald Ford Amphitheatre, Vail, CO

Source: Sony compact stereo electret mic (near one of the boulders at front/center of lawn area
behind reserved seats) -> Sony D3 -> Maxell XLII -> Tascam 424mkii -> TC Electronics Konnekt at
16 bit/44.1 kHz -> Tracktion 2 (no signal processing, just track marks and such) -> FLAC

Notes: This tape has dwelt in a cardboard box amongst other old tapes for the past fifteen years or so.
The recording is balanced and crowd noise is minimal throughout. There were rumors going around at the show about
a supply of bottled oxygen backstage (probably true; I overheard some local sound guys talking about it) to
help him cope with the altitude of approx. 8000 feet. While this recording is enjoyable, it has various significant
flaws including some jostling of the mic, a few little cuts owing to my paranoid/stealth maneuvers, and an audible
death of the batteries at the end of the recording. The electrifying conclusion is forever lost to the stars and
the cool dry mountain air, I guess.

I'm not going to attempt to ID any of the songs. Your guess is as good as mine.

There are nine tracks.

Being age seventeen at the time of this event, I didn't bother to record the one or two songs at the start which
featured his band warming up. I hit record in time to catch their introduction of the main man, though.

Enjoy, share, remaster if you feel the urge, distribute freely, thanks for tuning in...