B.B. King
Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
December 1, 1991 (Late Show)

Source : Audience Recording > Cassette Master > DAT > CD Trade (courtesy of Grant B.)

Editing : Sound Forge (CD extract) > Wave > TLH (sbe aligned) Flac 8

Traders Den - April 3, 2021

posted by kingrue upload #3062

Here's another rare BB King recording, that i dug out of my collection.

Thanks to a fellow TTD member for the trade decades ago.

This is the time period when BB King was using 2 full drum kits on stage.

The rare track in this set list is "St. Louis Blues".

The opening act was Toad's Place All-Stars.

The quality on this is very good.

Band line-up (introduced in this order)
B.B. King - guitar, vocals
Leon Warren - guitar
James Toney - keyboards
James Bolden - trumpet
Tony Coleman - drums
Melvin Jackson - baritone saxophone
Walter King - tenor saxophone, conductor
Michael Doster - bass
Calep Emphrey Jr. - drums

Total Time = 01:47:16

Set list
01 Blues Band #1
02 Blues Band #2
03 BB King Intro Jam
04 Let The Good Times Roll
05 When It All Comes Down
06 Why I Sing The Blues (instrumental)
07 Back In LA
-- tape flip --
08 I'm Moving On
09 Darling, You Know I Love You
10 All Over Now (instrumental)
11 Merry Christmas Baby
12 I Gotta Move Out Of My Neighborhood
13 The Thrill Is Gone
-- tape change --
14 St. Louis Blues
15 Band Introductions
16 When Love Comes To Town
17 Peace To The World
18 Fanfare Outro

A little back story on this one.

As far as i can remember, i was told that the person who recorded this show was actually a bootlegger.

A guy named Scott from the Old Saybrook, CT area, who ran ads and sold his tapes.

At some point the authorities caught up to him and he was arrested.

This was one of his recordings, thank goodness it landed in my hands.

Now you all can enjoy it for free !!!