Aalen, Germany (FM)
1992-03-13 (date of broadcast but I think it was a live one)

Label: none
Lineage: FM master (SDR3) and after about 45 min. 1st gen. copy (ugh, SONY UX-S, because they were cheap) > audacity > you
Sound quality: Not really bad but MONO (I think). So don't expect too much! It starts quite good but gets a bit worse during "Back In L.A." (missing end patched from inferior tape, no music lost). After that it gets better again, but also from the 1st gen. copy (also SONY UX-S). You better compare the two sources before download.

Another find from my vault.
This is an absolutely great performance from this legendary festival in the South of Germany.
If you like the blues - and I guess you are beacuise you're reading this text: this IS THE KING of the Blues accompanied by a helluva band! Play it loud!

Sorry, no reliable tracklist...(couldn't find it on etree). Please help us out by correct the setlist.

//Band Intro Jam
Blues Band Warm-Up >
BB King Intro Jam
Let The Good Times Roll
When It All Comes Down (I'll Still Be Around)
Caldonia (Jam)
Back In L.A.
Ain't Nobody Home
Blues Jam
Rock Me Baby
The Thrill Is Gone (incl. band introduction)
Movin' On
When Love Comes To Town > Outro \\

B.B. King - Guitar, Vocals
Mighty Michael Doster - Bass
Leon Warren - Guitar
James Toney - Keyboards
Calep Emphrey Jr - Drums
James Boogaloo Bolden - Trumpet
Walter King - Saxophone
Melvin Jackson - Saxophone
Tony Coleman - Percussion

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