My BB KING archives vol 9, Nice 1992 and 1993, Juan les Pins 1994, Montreux 1993 FM masters, FLAC

I'm very sorry, but i found more Nice 1992 july 21 after completing vol 9; i don't use to split a show that way in my uploads, but this time i have to do it.
This torrent is from several years including 1997, the final one i'll put in my series.
After this vol, i have material from 1995 and 1996 to do two more and that will be all for the FM broadcasts.

Please note: the french sets (Nice, Juan les Pins and Marciac on tracks 01 to 10) sound exc.
I added a track 11 : it's from Montreux 1993 and it's a 21 mns jam with other artists, recorded during the festival and absolutly not published on the official DVD. This last track has FM noises, not throughout, but the reception was not the best.
You'll find a sample of what is not exc in comments and can decide to dl or not.

01 Ain't nobody's business
02 Payin' the cost to be the boss
03 Everyday i have the blues (with Dee Dee Bridgewater)
04 Instrumental outro
05 Chains of love
06 Instrumental
07 Caldonia
08 We're gonna make it
09 I'm a bluesman-Guess who-Please accept my love
10 Why i sing the blues-Jam
11 Jam session Montreux 1993

01-04 : from Nice 1992 july 21.; this is "pt 2", see vol 9 for "pt 1"
05 : from Nice 1993 07 xx
06-08 : from Juan les Pins 1994 july 27
09-10 : from Marciac 1997 august 21
11 : jam in Montreux 1993 07 xx

Cassettes played on a Marrantz SD4051 cassette deck; zoom H4 for wav; PC; audacity for volume, and tracking; FLAC.

Samples in comments.