B.B. King
Poplar Creek, Hoffman Estates, IL
August 31, 1993

Source : Sonic Studios DSM6 > Sony TCD-5M cassette master (courtesy of CHICAGOBLUES archives)

Transfer : RCA SCT-500 tape deck > JVC XL-R2010 Standalone burner (transferred March 2006)

Editing : Soundforge 6.0 (CD extract & tracking) > Wave > Traders Little Helper (SBE aligned) Flac level 8

Traders Den - May 8, 2019

Transferred and Tracked by kingrue upload 1921

Here's a newly circulated B.B. King recording that I received from ChicagoBlues way back in 2006.

Also on the bill was Buddy Guy and Eric Johnson, but i don't have those recordings.

I transferred this BB King master tape and then it sat for 13 years.

I figured now is good time to finally get this shared.

Thanks goes to David for taping the show.

I added in a scan of the ticket stub inside the torrent folder.

Check samples for quality.

Set list:
01 Blues Band Instrumental
02 Blues Band Instrumental
03 B.B. King Introduction Jam
04 Let The Good Times Roll
05 Caldonia
06 BB Blues Instrumental
07 Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
08 Chains Of Love
09 Why I Sing The Blues
10 Instrumental > banter
11 Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
12 All Over Again
13 How Blue Can You Get
14 Blues Man
15 Rock Me Baby
16 Please Accept My Love
17 The Thrill Is Gone >
18 Band Introduction
19 Fanfare Outro

Total Time = 79:16 min

~~ ENJOY ~~


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