Date: 2/26/94
Location: Herman's - Denver, Colorado

Notes: Digital soundboard recording. "Bad News Good News" features guest Gregg Cobb.
Digigap repaired between 18:47 and 18:48 on Disc 2. Recording levels appear to
have been set higher towards end of show on Disc 2. The last song on the source DAT,
"Dixie Boogie Man" is incomplete. The notes that came with the source DAT indicate
that the guest for "Bad News Good News" is Gregg Cobb. The last name may be
incorrect, and based on hearing Paul Barrere's introduction, it's Gregg Koch.

Recording: Soundboard > Unknown DAT

CD Creation: Sony PCM-R500 > Waveterminal 192x (via coax to 192x digital input daughtercard) >
Sound Forge 6.0 (record & edit) > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (tracking) > CDRWin 3.9c

Transfer: EAC > .wav > mkw Audio Compression Toolkit > SHN

Recording used for transfer provided by: Chris Cafiero
Transfer completed by: Tim Desai




Disc 1 (69:24):

Elmo's Blues
All That You Dream
Old Folks Boogie
Gone Fishin'
Down On The Farm
Over The Border
Stone Crazy
Dixie Highway
To The Left

Disc 2 (51:42):

Miss Clara's Cookin'
Phone Don't Ring
Bad News Good News (with guest)
Dixie Chicken
Dixie Boogie Man (incomplete)