B.B. KING - MONTEREY, CA circa 1994 FM master
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Quality : EX

01. Let The Good Times Roll (2:59)
02. All Over Again (5:46)
03. Why I Sing The Blues (performed as an instrumental) (5:53)
04. I’ve Gotta Move Out Of My Neighborhood >
Nobody Loves Me But My Mother (7:17)
05. Sweet Sixteen > How Blue Can You Get (9:41)
06. Bluesman (Understand) (3:50)
07. Chains Of Love (8:45)
08. Rock Me Baby (4:01)
09. The Thrill Is Gone (8:29)

T.R.T. 56:53

B.B. King - Guitar & Vocals
James Bolden - Trumpet
Tony Coleman - Percussion
Michael Doster - Bass
Calep Emphrey Jr. - Drums
Melvin Jackson - Tenor Saxophone
Walter King - Alto Saxophone
Leon Warren - Guitar

There are a few clues in this recording that may help to indentify the actual date of this performance..

> At the start of the song “Understand”, B.B. says “Being a blues singer hasn’t been the most popular thing around in my 42 years.”

> During the band introductions on “The Thrill Is Gone”, B.B. mentions that his trumpet player, James Bolden, has been with his band for fifteen years and that percussionist Tony Coleman has been in the band for about three years. Later, B.B. reminds the audience that Etta James is playing the next night.

This recording is correct pitch / speed. Share freely and never sell.