B.B. King
Sun Fest, West Palm Beach, Florida
May 3, 1995

Incomplete audience recording of unknown lineage.

CD-R from trade > CD Wav > Trader’s Little Helper > Flac6

01. Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
02. All Over Again
03. Instrumental In B flat
04. We’re Gonna Make It
05. Instrumental In C
06. Rock Me Baby
07. The Thrill Is Gone w/ band intros

T.R.T. 38:20

B.B. King - Guitar and Vocals
James Bolden - Trumpet
Tony Coleman - Drums
Michael Doster - Bass
Calep Emphrey Jr.- Drums
Melvin Jackson - Tenor Saxophone
Walter King - Alto Saxophone
James Toney - Keyboards
Leon Warren - Guitar

Recording starts as B.B. is introducing James Toney and is missing the band’s warm up songs as well as at least one song with BB before “Paying The Cost To Be The Boss”. Applause fades out after “We’re Gonna Make It” as B.B. is playing the guitar intro for the next song. It then fades back in during B.B.’s guitar intro for the start of the instrumental jam (Track 05). A very rowdy crowd for this show complete with someone who wished that he was an opera singer and decided to sing sustained notes over the music...