B.B. King
Shoreline Blues Festival
Shoreline Amphitheatre
Mountain View, CA

Source: Core Sounds Binaurals>Sony D7 Portable DAT

Conversion: DAT @ 48k -> HT OMega 7.1 Soundcard (Optical Inputs)>WAV (48)> Syntillium Cool Edit Downsample to 44.1 WAV>Adobe Audition Editing>CD WAV (Track Split)>FLAC

- Somewhat distant audience recording, but extremely listenable and fairly enjoyable recording as a result of post conversion editting. This beast required lots of post conversion work which made it a challenge to work on. B.B. King's Lucille is as clearly heard as well an SST landing over your dining room (with the Limoge china cabinets open) !

- Required some serious amplification and "de-amplification" in spots due to weird level changes all over the place

- Vocals which were very low on original recording. I attempted to boost BB's mike with Adobe Audition Equalization and Filtering utilities

- There is some occasional crowd chattiness and general goofy conversation ; you are in the crowd in this one.

- SBE's removed using Traders Little Helper


d101 - dummy track (2 seconds)
d102 - Fanfare
d103 - Intro to BB King
d104 - Let the Good TImes Roll
d105 - Stormy Monday
d106 - Playin with my Friends
d107 - Have you Ever Been Mistreated
d108 - We Gonna Make It
d109 - Introductions / I'm a Blues Man
d110 - ?????
d111 - Why I Sing The Blues
d112 - Rock Me Baby
d113 - Intro of the Kid (Australian pre-teen blues guitarist Nathan Cavalieri)
d114 - ????
d115 - The Thrill is gone