B.B. King
Skyline Theater
Chicago, IL USA
August 29, 1996

First Time Shared Anywhere.

B.B. King Vol. 3

Tape Source

unknown mics>DAT>1st gen tape trade (Transferred 6/2/11)

Transfer Lineage:
Sony TC-WE475 Deck->JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW->Extract Soundforge 9.0->HD->TLH->Flac level 8->Dime

Taped by: Mark Reynolds from Milwaukee WI. If anybody knows this long lost taper, he's been MIA since 1999.

Check Mp3 Sample before downloading

01. Blues Band #1
02. Blues Band #2
03. BB King Intro Jam
04. Let the Good Times Roll
05. Chains of Love
06. Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
07. Five Long Years
08. When It All Comes Down
09. Darling, You Know I Love You
10. Were Gonna Make It
11. I'm a Bluesman, Understand
12. Nobodys Business
13. Rock Me Baby
14. The Thrill Is Gone
15. Outro Fanfare

77:27 min

Additional Notes:

Concerning what's in my BB King collection and what I'm going to upload will be based on what i only have on an External HD and "IF" i already have a set list figured out. I won't be taking the time to figure out set lists for every single show. I'm just not that patient.

I'll be adding a (Vol - number listing) to help me keep track of just the BB King uploads. This torrent will start as Vol 3.

I would also like to hear from BB fans that attended shows prior to 1995. I need touring info for my database and i know some people here could help me with my project. ticket scans are always welcomed. if you just want to write "thanks" and mention when and where you saw BB in the comments sections that would be fine too.


Enjoy the show