B.B. King
Warner Theater
Washington, D.C.

(2) Nakamichi CM 300 mics
-> Sony WM D-3
front row c (3rd) seat 107
Nakamichi BX-300
-> Behringer UCA-222
-> Total Recorder
-> Sound Forge
-> CDR Wav
-> FLAC (level 8)

. *
. *
Let The Good Times Roll
Early In The Morning
Got A Mind To Give Up Living
Payin� The Cost To Be The Boss
Darlin� You Know I�ll Always Love You
We�re Gonna Make It
B.B. story
-> Blues Man, A Good Man, Understand
-> Night Life Is The Good Life
-> Ain�t Nobody�s Business
Sweet Sixteen
-> Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
-> How Blue Can You Get
Rock Me Baby
The Thrill Is Gone
-> Exit Jam...

*without B.B. King