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Artwork from somewhere in the web included...

Jazz Open, Congress Centrum, Stuttgart, Germany, 22nd July 1997
--) Introduction
--) Announcement
01) Instrumental
02) Let The Good Times Roll
03) Stormy Monday Blues
04) Whole Lot Of Loving
05) Blues We Like
06) Please Accept My Love
07) Why I Sing The Blues ~
08) All Over Again
09) Catfish Blues
10) Early In The Morning ~
11) Rock Me Baby ~
12) The Thrill Is Gone
--) Info on B.B. King biography(book in German language)
Length: 73:51min
B.B. King: Vocals, Guitar
Leon Warren: Guitar
James Toney: Keyboards
Melvin Jackson: Tenor-Saxophone
James Bolden: Trumpet
Stanley Abernathy: Trumpet
Michael Doster: Bass
Calep Emphrey Jr.: Drums
Tony Coleman: Drums

This show is for free trading only ~ if you sell you'll go to hell

This sharing is dedicated to the everlasting memory of B.B. KING,

(Source: 3SAT German TV Broadcast)

MD5 sings the B.B. King Blues.

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